Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1 – Nasreddin Hodja Stories

Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1

Nasreddin Hodja Stories

Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1 screenshot 0Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1 screenshot 1Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1 screenshot 2Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1 screenshot 3Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1 screenshot 4Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1 screenshot 5Nasrettin Hoca Hikayeleri-1 screenshot 6

Nasreddin Hodja stories in the book 3 one subject area, the user can read the stories at the same time, religions, and to be in lives. The story is a real surprise on every page of the book, and the interactions that enjoy reading the application also provides the user to have fun listening to the story. Educational and instructional interactions with all of the interactions with the application as a check and touch and drag-and-drop, allows the user to pass a fun time. Immersive games is an application that will never be bored.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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