White Fang – ELI – Have fun and learn with the new ELI teaching apps.

White Fang - ELI

Have fun and learn with the new ELI teaching apps.

White Fang - ELI screenshot 0White Fang - ELI screenshot 1White Fang - ELI screenshot 2White Fang - ELI screenshot 3White Fang - ELI screenshot 4White Fang - ELI screenshot 5White Fang - ELI screenshot 6White Fang - ELI screenshot 7White Fang - ELI screenshot 8White Fang - ELI screenshot 9

Can turn into a wolf man’s best friend? Can a man bring love into a wild wolf’s life?
Have fun and help your child learn the new Inglese with White Fang teaching app.
Adapted for children aged 9 +

This is the story of White Fang, a wolf who falls into the hands of men. They use White Fang’s strength and treat him badly he Becomes So THAT fierce and dangerous. But through Scott, a different type of man, White Fang learns That there can be love, respect and loyalty between animals and people. A cool, modern makeover that brings this classic to life for today’s child with games and interactive activities That teach Primary School children Inglese while having fun.

 – Fantastic animation effects on every screen. – Super-cool function Allows you to record your own voice telling the story or inventing a new one!
 – Read-by-myself. – Read-to-Me karaoke with highlighting to help follow the text. – Self-correcting exercises Which you can save.
 – Fun games. – “Listen and Repeat” section helps improve pronunciation and intonation.

 Words and grammar carefully chosen from the Inglese taught in the first 5 years of Primary School around the world. More than 40 years’ experience in children’s educational publishing and ELI’s dedicated editorial team guarantee the educational quality of this app version of White Fang.

About ELI Publishing:
Go to HYPERLINK “elireaders.com/appreaders” elireaders_com / appreaders to find out more about the full range of amazing ELI Readers App.

See more information: goo.gl/RXdk98


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