GUIDO – Explore all the stages of a project in e-learning


Explore all the stages of a project in e-learning

GUIDO screenshot 0GUIDO screenshot 1GUIDO screenshot 2GUIDO screenshot 3GUIDO screenshot 4GUIDO screenshot 5GUIDO screenshot 6GUIDO screenshot 7GUIDO screenshot 8GUIDO screenshot 9GUIDO screenshot 10GUIDO screenshot 11GUIDO screenshot 12GUIDO screenshot 13GUIDO screenshot 14GUIDO screenshot 15GUIDO screenshot 16GUIDO screenshot 17

GUIDO allows you to experience and explore all the steps involved in the implementation of e-learning in a project, from design through construction.
Born from the System E-Learnig Federated Emila Romagna Region (SELF) – an environment and a system of services to support on-line training, such as network design, manufacture, buy, reuse and delivers courses and teaching resources e-learning – GUIDO wants to present itself as an operational tool that illustrates the following tasks by comparing all its phases:
• The construction of a training
         or needs analysis
         o Design
         or Delivery
         o Evaluation
• The design of content
         or needs analysis
         o Design
         o Production
         Qualitative assessment or

In turn, each phase, will offer content and operational documentation with respect to the following aspects:
• Organisational Context
• Functions and roles
• Target
• Learning outcomes and instructional strategies
• Content and Materials
• Spaces and technologies
• Times
• Support Systems
• Quality Criteria

For each topic will be offered movies, videos, documents and operational models useful to the realization of a project in e-learning.

See detail information:


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