EmokGeometry – Introduces concepts in a fun, simple and free way for children 3 to 9 years.


Introduces concepts in a fun, simple and free way for children 3 to 9 years.

EmokGeometry screenshot 0EmokGeometry screenshot 1EmokGeometry screenshot 2EmokGeometry screenshot 3EmokGeometry screenshot 4EmokGeometry screenshot 5EmokGeometry screenshot 6EmokGeometry screenshot 7EmokGeometry screenshot 8EmokGeometry screenshot 9EmokGeometry screenshot 10EmokGeometry screenshot 11EmokGeometry screenshot 12EmokGeometry screenshot 13EmokGeometry screenshot 14EmokGeometry screenshot 15EmokGeometry screenshot 16EmokGeometry screenshot 17

Following the philosophy of emokio, the app introduces the emokGEOMETRY concepts in a fun, simple and free way for children 3 to 9 years.

EmokGEOMETRY, inspired by a geoboard, offers the opportunity to build and manipulate geometric figures, and then discover, deepen and understand geometric concepts such as perimeter, area, establish similarities – differences, parallelisms, squareness and discover the relationship between figures and their properties.

It incorporates different types of geoboard, orthogonal, isometrical or circular, so that children can experience and take the plunge of intuitive thinking and open-mindness towards innovation.

To stimulate and awaken creativity, emokGEOMETRY provides functionality to capture an image or use one already stored, to identify the geometry in everyday objects. It also contains a game where from basic shapes like circle, square, triangle, rectangle or rhombus, the children can play and build more complex geometric figures.

EmokGEOMETRY takes care of every detail so that its use provides an enjoyable experience for the senses. It is nice to experience the scenarios and the music, composed specifically for emokio, are designed to accompany a quiet and relaxed way to use this app.

While children play, they will not see advertising, or social networks, or integrated shopping.

There is also aemokGEOMETRY class version used on the school´s interactive whiteboard. Where permitted with teacher guidance, to include questions through activities and work with the needs and the potential of a more personalized way. The emokGEOMETRY class version has no game mode: emokapps_com

And for children of younger age, emokioQuiRiSKY has developed a program which introduces the smaller audience to the world of learning of geometry, spatial reasoning and visual perception.

See more information: goo.gl/BnuPHx


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