Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 – three fascinating stories, superb animation and stunning interactive activities

Bedtime Stories 3-in-1

three fascinating stories, superb animation and stunning interactive activities

Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 screenshot 0Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 screenshot 1Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 screenshot 2Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 screenshot 3Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 screenshot 4Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 screenshot 5Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 screenshot 6Bedtime Stories 3-in-1 screenshot 7

Three Bedtime Stories for the price of one!
>A Little Pea was written by Grimm brothers. Let’s witness the growth of the little pea and the little girl and start enjoying this new adventure.
>The Naughty Seed was included in Modern Classic Tales. Do you know how a seed grow? How plants spread their seeds? Let’s read it and start enjoying this new adventure that will thrill you.
>The little snail was very tired with her heavy shell. She was envy caterpillar and earthworm. Baby, do you know the reason why the snail have to carry a heavy shell? Let’s find the answer in the story.
-Quality:Professional creation and development team!
-Content: Funny plots and beautiful interface immerse baby in the story.
-Features: Learning、reading and entertaining was integrated.
-Bilingual: Lessons are displayed in Chinese-English languages, with the aim to enhance children’s self-study ability.
Easy operation;
Auto &manual page can be chosen;
Chinese-English fables could improve students’ language skills, with the aim to cultivate and develop the students’ intelligence;
“Share with friends”: You can share it with your friends by Email or Social Platform.
【About Us】
Jiangsu Risen Software Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which engages in information technology services and offshore software outsourcing development. The main products of our company include: Chinese/English language learning products——Bedtime Story、Magic Chinese、 Business Chinese、 Daily Chinese, etc. We are dedicated to creating premium apps for children and we take kids privacy very seriously. Our apps do not collect any personal information.
【Feedback & Support】
Contact us via our website, Facebook or Twitter.
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