Igbo101 – Igbo101 is an interactive Igbo language teaching app for kids.


Igbo101 is an interactive Igbo language teaching app for kids.

Igbo101 screenshot 0Igbo101 screenshot 1Igbo101 screenshot 2Igbo101 screenshot 3Igbo101 screenshot 4Igbo101 screenshot 5Igbo101 screenshot 6

Igbo101 is a fun, educative and interactive app that gets you started on Igbo, a rich language synonymous to a large section of people from South Eastern Nigeria, West Africa.

Follow the tutor, Onye nkuzi Àsà (Cultural Teacher) as she takes you on a quest to get acquainted with the Igbo language using a combination of colorful illustrations, text, voice and games.

Go from newbie to speaking your first words in minutes following through with Onye nkuzi Àsà’s tested guidance to aid your learning.

Igbo101 is structured with an assumption that the user has no prior understanding of the language. Each module builds on the other providing the user with an incremental acquisition of the language.

Monitor your progress across every module by playing simple interactive games with performance indicators at the end of each helping you understand where you need to concentrate your studies.

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/education


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