Conectados 3 – digital book.

Conectados 3

digital book.

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App Name Proyecto 3 Connected

Description Connected Project 3 is an application that displays the contents of volume 3 of 3 Proyecto Connected collection The application has several features, such as.:

– Activities varied with interactive feedback of hit or miss.
– Fields of notes.
– Audio phrases and dialogues.
– Dynamic Index.

The Proyecto Connected collection:

• prepares students to understand texts of diverse genres circulating means easy access, such as newspapers, magazines, internet etc..;
• brings contextualized examples of use of the Spanish language in the digital world;
• makes suggestions for how students can expand their knowledge outside the classroom;
• offers numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary work;
• contains special sections that support learning;
• encourages students to reflect on their personal and vocational skills.

The application can be used inside or outside the classroom without the need for monitoring of the printed book or audio CD.
To access the contents of the application, download it for free, install it and request your password from a Macmillan representative.

© Proyecto Connected Text: Soraia Osman Metin Elijah, Priscilla Reis, 2013
© Proyecto Connected illustration: Macmillan of Brazil, 2013.

Developed by Globaltec application.

What’s New in this Version This version Provides bug fixes.

See detail information:


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