GoTopo Free – Practice topography with GoTopo!

GoTopo Free

Practice topography with GoTopo!

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*** “Very educational, nice maps!” – ***
*** “I think of myself as having a good sense of geography but GoTopo has shown that to be completely untrue” – Christopher Caleb, ***

Getting a little rusty on your topography skills? Try GoTopo!

With GoTopo you can regularly practice different topographical questions. Feel like you mastered a category or a map? Challenge your Facebook friends!

Each question has to be answered in a certain amount of time, to prevent you for looking up the answer on Google Maps 😉

GoTopo is ‘alive’. New maps, countries, languages or interaction types will be added regularly, often even without the need to update the app. This is just the beginning!

The app asks you to give Facebook some permissions when you login. Do not worry about that: GoTopo will NEVER post anything on Facebook without your permission.
The user data from Facebook will be used later on to create graphs and charts like “23% of Canadian females don’t know where Los Angeles is”, nothing more.

This is the free version. This means that it does have ads and you some menus are not accessible. Buy the full version if you want full access – but hurry: the price will go up once more content is added!

Have fun!

See more information and download apk file for android:


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