Otizm Kavram Öğretimi – Concept of education to autistic individuals have the ability to use computers

Otizm Kavram Öğretimi

Concept of education to autistic individuals have the ability to use computers

Otizm Kavram Öğretimi screenshot 0Otizm Kavram Öğretimi screenshot 1Otizm Kavram Öğretimi screenshot 2Otizm Kavram Öğretimi screenshot 3Otizm Kavram Öğretimi screenshot 4

Preparing the educational program with the ability to use computers in the range of 6-16 years is aimed at teaching concepts in autistic individuals. Autism, the formation of social and language skills is a developmental disorder that affects the development. These children usually attracts learning difficulties. With this software, individuals with autism or less, long-short, thick-thin, large and small will be able to learn through concepts such as the attractiveness of the computer. They will need throughout their lives, these concepts are extremely important.
Lectures on the main menu of the program, games, and exit buttons located assessment. Autistic students attention simple screen is designed to be easily distracted. The menu is designed as a drop-down menu above.
Lecturing part consists of four modules. Long-short, thick-thin, large and small, more or less concepts are illustrated. Sample pairs are selected for each issue comes to the screen in a random manner and is presented as a voice.
There are two games in the Games section. The first game items through the big button or modify according to their size is smaller than the right sort request from large to small. Children through the Help button will be able to learn the correct place. The second game is a game with eating the bait fish. The aim of the game starting from the smallest bait is food, respectively.
In the evaluation section includes a total of 20 questions, including five questions for each topic. Questions come randomly and the right choice smiley emoticon sad expression is added to the wrong answer. The questions are printed to the screen by calculating the percentage of success when finished.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/education


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