Provas Finais Português – Preparation for finals of Portuguese.

Provas Finais Português

Preparation for finals of Portuguese.

Provas Finais Português screenshot 0Provas Finais Português screenshot 1Provas Finais Português screenshot 2Provas Finais Português screenshot 3Provas Finais Português screenshot 4Provas Finais Português screenshot 5Provas Finais Português screenshot 6Provas Finais Português screenshot 7Provas Finais Português screenshot 8Provas Finais Português screenshot 9

This application, directed to the 4th year of the 1st cycle of basic education, offers a wide range of preparatory activities for the end of Portuguese race. Its structure is appealing and intuitive allowing an autonomous and reflective use.

With this application the children have access to hundreds of activities that enable content review and consolidate learning. They may also build your “proof” when selecting the content you want to work.
This process is motivating, challenging and allows for a more targeted and autonomous learning.

Product Description:
– 2 preparation areas for the final test;
– 15 adapted official evidence;
– Hundreds of standard issues of preparation for finals;
– Schemes for synthesizing and content review;
– Solutions of all the evidence and issues-type.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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