LearnKhmer – The fast and easy way to learn the Khmer alphabets period.


The fast and easy way to learn the Khmer alphabets period.

LearnKhmer screenshot 0LearnKhmer screenshot 1LearnKhmer screenshot 2LearnKhmer screenshot 3LearnKhmer screenshot 4LearnKhmer screenshot 5

Learn to read the Khmer language starting from the basic alphabet. The program has two section. One for learning and one for testing. The “Learn” menu is designed for you to see and hear how the consonants and vowels are recited. Then you can test your skill by playing the “Flash Card Like” game to pick out the letter that the computer pronounce. The program methodically remembers your learning curve and helps you remember the sounds of the Khmer alphabet. Once you can recognize all the letters, reading Khmer becomes possible. The sound pronunciation is recorded in high quality to make hearing the pronunciation accurately. This program is highly recommended for all Cambodian who can speak but can’t read. Also good for young Cambodian children who want to learn the Khmer language.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/education


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