Mister Tabellina – A simple App to help the children to repeat the multiplication tables

Mister Tabellina

A simple App to help the children to repeat the multiplication tables

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Mister multiplication table is a simple app that allows children to repeat the multiplication tables in order, until the one where they arrived in the study. The sound serves to parents to know that they are continuing (and not playing something else!) And check acoustically whether the answers are correct. In practice serves to save the parent the “fatigue” of continuously invent random numbers.

The graphics style monster encourages them to challenge Mister times table to test themselves. The fact that we do it on a device makes them feel more high tech and it does look more like a game than the usual repetition to a parent or teacher / a.

The answers are not given deliberately: it is not a tool to study from scratch, but need to buy security and speed in repetition.

Different schools may ask children to give the answers in different ways, for example to my children was asked by the teacher to repeat the 3×2: “Three for two, six, two to three” in order to learn them in both directions.
Please follow strictly the indication of / the teacher / a.

To use it, choose up to get that times table and in which mode …

– At the beginning, when you are still in the study phase, it is advisable to put Mister times table mode IN ROW, ONLY on the multiplication table to learn. In this way you can do mentally the sum, starting from the previous result, until the results begin to keep in mind.

– When you begin to remember the last times table you can switch to RANDOM, ONLY on the multiplication table to learn. This will occur if there are gaps in the last times table learned and speed it.

– Finally, a good level of learning, go off RANDOM ALL until the last learned multiplication table up to speed and check for any remaining gaps.

Note: selecting eg. RANDOM, ALL up to 5, are shown up to the table of combinations of 5, then numbers up to 5×9 and 9×5. Do not show combinations 5×0 5×1 and 5×10 that usually do not require learning efforts. Selecting instead IN ROW, ONLY 5 you start with 5×1 and 5×9 and then you get to start one.

The application is completely free and free, had been developed for desktop computers to use a purely “internal”. Having found it useful, I decided to make it public and accessible to all. Course is delivered “as is” (as is), without express or implied warranties of operation or utility and without liability in case of malfunctions or problems.

Have fun. 🙂

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/education


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