Japanese-kanji – Let's master Japanese kanji for fun!Let's read, write and listen!


Let’s master Japanese kanji for fun!Let’s read, write and listen!

Japanese-kanji screenshot 0Japanese-kanji screenshot 1Japanese-kanji screenshot 2Japanese-kanji screenshot 3Japanese-kanji screenshot 4Japanese-kanji screenshot 5Japanese-kanji screenshot 6Japanese-kanji screenshot 7Japanese-kanji screenshot 8Japanese-kanji screenshot 9Japanese-kanji screenshot 10Japanese-kanji screenshot 11Japanese-kanji screenshot 12Japanese-kanji screenshot 13Japanese-kanji screenshot 14

Let’s master Japanese kanji for fun!

We Japanese learn 80-kanji first at an elementary school in a first grader.
Yes, you can learn 80-kanji same as above-mentioned in this app too!
The kanji is categorized into several groups like “number”, “day of the week” to image it easily with pictures
and when you finish learning each categories, you can get “good job” stamps!
If you send your number of stamps, you can check your order/ranking!

Please enjoy learning!

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com


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