M-learning – International Conference "Mobile. The Other Way For Online Learning "


International Conference "Mobile. The Other Way For Online Learning "

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Wednesday, December 3, Bologna hosted the international conference “Mobile. The Other Way For Online Learning “(mobilelearning.greenteam.it), promoted by Team Green IT Solutions, organized in collaboration with SELF PA, the system of e-learning state of the Emilia-Romagna, and under the patronage University of Bologna.

The focus of interest was the Mobile Learning, understood as a new paradigm of education based on the use of mobile communication technology, and therefore able to be widespread, continuous and multi-channel.

In this app are collected the contributions of the speakers of the conference, either in the form of presentation of video content. Among the participants of the event are: the American Chad Udell started the whole Float Mobile Learning and author of publications in the field, will explain how to use mobile devices and applications to complement the “traditional” in the classroom or in the classroom; Andrew Dones, also from the United States, will reflect on how to rethink learning systems with the Tin Can API, reference model essential to the realization of e-learning projects, thanks to its many years of experience in their design; Maruzzi with Stefano, author of the recent book “The End of the Era of Good Sense,” we will look instead to the future, to get an idea of ​​the challenges facing those involved in distance education, and to remove inefficiencies to address at best; Valentina Piccioli, mold designer Docebo, leader in Italy in the field of e-learning, who presided over one of the three practice sessions on mobile learning, scheduled during the third and final part of the conference, bringing with him the results of recent research on the subject.

For a complete view of the speakers please visit mobilelearning.greenteam.it.

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/education


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