Ethiopian Alphabet – Learn the Ethiopian Alphabet with ease

Ethiopian Alphabet

Learn the Ethiopian Alphabet with ease

Ethiopian Alphabet screenshot 0Ethiopian Alphabet screenshot 1Ethiopian Alphabet screenshot 2Ethiopian Alphabet screenshot 3Ethiopian Alphabet screenshot 4Ethiopian Alphabet screenshot 5

Learn the Ethiopian Alphabet:
This current application has three main sections; the main page, Reference, and Numbers & Characters. The main page lists the first letters of each alphabet sound class. This section allows users to selectively learn a specific sound class in a detail view. Here, users can tap onto each letter for its pronunciation. High quality stereo sound is used. The Reference section displays the entire alphabet together with the English letters. It is important to note that some Ethiopian alphabet consonants do not have English equivalent, therefore the closest English sound representation is used. For that reason, this section is not a stand-alone reference; rather it is a quick overview of what’s learnt on the main section. The third section is the Numbers and Irregular Characters section. This section now has sound.
Thank you for choosing to learn the Ethiopian Alphabet. We constantly improve to meet your needs. We love to hear from you; leave us a feedback at “”

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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