Mobile Learning Platform – idealstudio: You can develop your own e-learning content

Mobile Learning Platform

idealstudio: You can develop your own e-learning content

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Thank you for downloading Mobile Learning Platform. The player is a part of you have downloaded ideaLStudio, which is content development tool. You will be able to benefit as much as you want from the free pool of e-learning that will expand in time.

ideaLStudio: You can develop your own e-learning content

However, if you prefer, you can benefit from your own e-learning contents ideaLStudio to develop as a person or an enterprise, you can prepare your own e-learning contents.

Without purchasing and paying any money, you can demand from an account and start using ideaLStudio to produce e-learning content.

İdeaLStudio includes the option of purchasing without producing e-learning contents in order to minimize production costs.

Mobile Learning Platform ‘s Thank you for downloading. You’re player, ideaLStudio toolunun’s part of an e-learning content development. Mobile Learning Platform located here and expand over time, as long as you benefit from free training pool.

İdeaLStudio: Your e-studies, prepare yourself
However, if you want, personal or corporate ideaLStudio from the e-learning content is also available to develop their own e-education such prepared.

To do this, no purchase, without paying the price, not only from the account by requesting, working as a web-based ideaLStudio ‘s education can start to produce and use.

İdeaLStudio, e-learning production costs can be minimized with the option to make the purchase without the production of a product. Education produced can be monitored, that will run when you open izletilebilir be made available to others, but you will be charged.

Download apk file:


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