Montessori Alphabet Phonics – Learning ABCs has never been more fun!

Montessori Alphabet Phonics

Learning ABCs has never been more fun!

Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 0Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 1Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 2Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 3Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 4Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 5Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 6Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 7Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 8Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 9Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 10Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 11Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 12Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 13Montessori Alphabet Phonics screenshot 14

Kids Academy · ABC Alphabet Phonics best educational app where Baby Toddlers Preschool and Kindergarten children learn English through Montessori play activities: tracing, crosswords, sounds, vocabulary, song, letter spelling blocks, flash cards games

Get the Ultimate Alphabet Workbook for Kids!

Learning ABCs has never been more fun! The app turns the learning process into what kids love most – a game!


* Left hand and right hand modes of ABC letter formation

* Delightful animations to help your children learn alphabet, letters and words in a fun and engaging way

* 26 animated flashcards to teach your kids letters and words

* 52 flashcard worksheets to teach your children to trace letters

* Funny, bright, and creative artwork

* Uppercase and lowercase letters, sounds and phonics

* Specially designed Parents Area to track your children’s progress

* Create and edit multiple user profiles

* Aligned to Kindergarten Reading Foundation skills of Common Core Standards

* Your children can interact with the app at their own pace

Set the stage for reading and writing success with this delightfully interactive educational app! Kids will have a blast learning alphabet with Montessori ABC for Kids!


Featured by The Guardian

Designed for ages two through five, Montessori ABC for Kids combines the enjoyment of cartoon animations and a simple to use touch interface to help kids learn the alphabet. /

Montessori ABC for Kids features over 100 different animations corresponding to letters of the alphabet. The illustrations are very clean and help reinforce sounds and words to the respective letters. / Kids Games Club

#1 App in Category: Pre-Reading, Vocabulary. / iHeartThisApp

Download apk file:


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