Math Game for Kids [study] – The app can learn to learn to write numbers.

Math Game for Kids [study]

The app can learn to learn to write numbers.

Math Game for Kids [study] screenshot 0Math Game for Kids [study] screenshot 1Math Game for Kids [study] screenshot 2Math Game for Kids [study] screenshot 3Math Game for Kids [study] screenshot 4

The contents introduction

The kids number play enhancing the creativity of the child and one’s ability to concentrate all ones energies!
It is various and it is composed of the interesting study game of the kids number game.
I will inspire thr learning experience and special fun to the children.

sound source: EchoNovation


– A variety of things, fruits, animals, background image, etc.
– Learn numbers, write
– Through a number of learning objects
– Numbers match the numbers presented a picture and drag Learning
– Memory Game (numbers and things)
– Picture Puzzle games 1,2
– Get the answer numbers game
– Wizard game
– A stream crossing game


– To support Korean, English professional voice actors (voice support)
– Feedback and learning fun event!
Through iterative learning, you can easily learn addition, subtraction,
Creativity, enhances concentration.

Detail information and download apk file:


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