İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap – English 5 BOLL is suitable for Z-Books Demo Ministry of Education curriculum.

İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap

English 5 BOLL is suitable for Z-Books Demo Ministry of Education curriculum.

İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap screenshot 0İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap screenshot 1İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap screenshot 2İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap screenshot 3İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap screenshot 4İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap screenshot 5İngilizce 5 KOZA Z-Kitap screenshot 6

* 48 interactive applications (Lecture of-home work home)
* 21 pieces of video and interactive animations (lectures are)
* 16 audio (lectures are)
* Unit tests consisting of questions close to 1000
* As of 75 questions overall assessment tests designed for use in an electronic environment was enriched with e-content.

Teacher-student-friendly BOLL Z-Books strips prepared to remove the higher the success of our children; smart boards, projectors, tablet computers and mobile devices can be used easily with …

Taking into account the changes in the education and training trends in publishing for 43 years engaged in the project carried out by BOLL BOLL Z-Books PUBLICATION, Diskobolos in the international competition held in Belgrade was crowned by 2013 Honorable Mention …

English 5 BOLL Z-Book, prepared according to secondary outcomes contained in the 5th grade English curricula “summary narrated question bank” is a work of nature.

“Events, Information Notes, Did You Know ?, Solved Tests” as the student’s attention alive to, work involving various departments aimed able to follow without getting bored the English 5 BOLL Z-book, without disturbing the written text, curriculum based;

English 5 BOLL Z-Book, Ministry of Education organized by the e-content (e-content) and z-books (enriched book) preparation and review criteria based on international standards / criteria were prepared.
BOLL Z-book printed in English 5 different pages with content material as well as audio, video, animation, graphics, images, photographs etc. used as interactive and noninteractive located in numerous applications. This is stated in the book with fun and educational e-content applications icon.

Tablet computers, smart boards, compatible with the environment, such as a projection device English 5 BOLL Z-book enables students / teachers, when and where they want, in electronic form, they have enriched chance to reach the entire course content. Also found in search for books, marking, note taking, highlighting, many different digital functions such as saving and deleting them will be able to be used.

Prepared in accordance with the constructivist approach to learning English 5 students with BOLL Z-book, using information and communication technologies easier, quicker and more fun will have access to information in a way.

BOLL Z-Books, will be happy teachers also easily using and will use that is not connected to the Internet, quickly reached the products to the content … Teachers, English 5 BOLL Z-book to keep track of content through the use will be able to take immediate interaction with the students when necessary.
BOLL Z-Book English 5, containing all the materials you will need the teacher’s lesson was supported by BOLL Z-Book Teacher CD. English teachers use the books in class 5 Koza Koza Z Z Z BOLL Books Books DVD as well as CD Teachers also be present.

BOLL Z-Books CD teachers can benefit from the teachers with a variety of written and visual lesson processing document is delivered. BOLL Z-Books CD Teacher:
– BOE prepared course curriculum, descriptions
– Cumulative gains list
– Resource list of publications can be utilized in the teacher’s lesson processing, Internet addresses
– The teacher may need additional information in the course of a written document
– Supports a variety of image content, drawings, posters, photographs, cartoons, graphs, tables and so on. visual elements
– Form, scale, and a variety of projects as examples of performance assessment tasks
– I and II. semester units and numerous material as prepared using a variety of assessment and evaluation techniques 6 written examination covering the topics and examples may be required throughout the year, teachers were given various documents.

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