MINERVA HANGUL – MINERVA hangul is helpful app for learning korean alphabet


MINERVA hangul is helpful app for learning korean alphabet

MINERVA HANGUL screenshot 0MINERVA HANGUL screenshot 1MINERVA HANGUL screenshot 2MINERVA HANGUL screenshot 3MINERVA HANGUL screenshot 4MINERVA HANGUL screenshot 5MINERVA HANGUL screenshot 6MINERVA HANGUL screenshot 7

The easy way to the learning of basic hangul (korean alphabet) is MINERVA HANGUL.
Let improve your korean alphabet ability with MINERVA hangul App.

MINERVA HANGUL(Korean Alphabet) Features>
– If you study this continuously , you can get star points that is able to free listen the MINERVA fairy tale.
– three-level mothod of learning that listen, write and speak through this App.
– pronounciation correction and repeated studying through VR (Voice Recognition)

* 읽기 (listen and select the word)
– 낱말연결 (picture-word connection) / 낱말 선택 (picture-word selection) / 낱말퍼즐 (fill in the blanks)

* 쓰기 (handwriting)
* 문장(making a sentence)

* 엄마랑 나랑 (listen to fairy tale and pronounce)
– 엄마랑 (listen to the various fairy tales and can record your personal fairy tale through my book(마이북))
– 나랑 (you can practice the pronunicatin from TTS sound)

* 놀이 (amusement)
* 초기화 (initialization)

We are preparing for updating new features and issues requesting from customer.
Please feed back for us to improve it better.
If you have any questions or would like more information about our App.,
please do not hesitate to contact us via below e-mail.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/education


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