Matemagisk BRØK – Join Pi, Luringen and Flutter and learn about fractions!

Matemagisk BRØK

Join Pi, Luringen and Flutter and learn about fractions!

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“Aschehoug’ve definitely got a lot of learning front with the three past their apps. And new launches are both entertaining and creatively landscaped. “Recommended by barnevakten_no

Welcome to Mate Magic – FRACTION

Join Pi, Luringen and Flutter and learn about fractions. Pi and Luringen make pizza for pirates and repair spaceships, while Flutter shows how music and mathematics are interrelated.

The app is suitable for children from 7 to 13 years and is designed for tablets.

Mate Magic is a textbook in mathematics for primary schools, published by Aschehoug Teaching.

To learn more about the various components of Mate Magic, see

The games that are in the app:

Fractions Pizza is an introduction to the fractional part of a whole. You should put different garnish on pizza from the pirates’ order. Each pizza order given in fractional form and orders will be harder for each level.

Fraction Rocket is a game where you must help Pi and Luringen to repair the spacecraft. You practice your bill with fractional whole of part and whole of a crowd.

Note Fraction shows you that math is everywhere. Fractions we find for example in music and in this activity you will learn about note values ​​and use note values ​​to build small pieces of music which will also vote mathematically.

Detail information and download apk file:


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