Matemagisk REGNE MER – Learn multiplication and division in the game that both explains and challenge!

Matemagisk REGNE MER

Learn multiplication and division in the game that both explains and challenge!

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“Aschehoug’ve definitely got a lot of learning front with the three past their apps. And new launches are both entertaining and creatively landscaped. “Recommended by barnevakten_no

Welcome to Mate Magic – REGNE MORE

Join Pi, Luringen and Flutter and learn multiplication and division in the game that both explains and challenges. Take time table test with Pi in space or head to the pirates and help Pi and Luringen opening treasure chests, lowering the pirates’ ships and create a garden party by solving multiplikasjon- and division problems.
Flutter need help to divide large numbers. Do you take the challenge?

The app is suitable for children from 7 to 13 years and is designed for tablets.

Mate Magic is a textbook in mathematics for primary schools, published by Aschehoug Teaching.

To learn more about the various components of Mate Magic, see

The games that are in the app:

Area model is about understanding multiplication as repeated addition and as area. The game is to make multiplikasjonsstykker suitable for tile floors.

Gang Table test is a test where you answer all the calculations started the table on time. When all the tasks have been answered, you will see a grid with all the tasks. The correct answers are highlighted, so you can easily see which tables you need to practice more on.

Pirate ship is a mental arithmetic game where you’ll find answers to multiplication and division problems.

Skattejakten is an algebra game where you drag numbers and symbols in the correct place in multiplication and division pieces, to open like rose latch on coffers.

Division with large numbers is a game that is to divide a sum of money equal to a number of children. You will experience how to share with multi-digit numbers.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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