Neanderthals-TheFirstMariners – The story of the Neanderthals, as the First Mariners in Humanity.


The story of the Neanderthals, as the First Mariners in Humanity.

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The story of the Neanderthals, the ‘first seafarers in the world’, who started crossing the straits separating the Greek mainland from the Kefallinia and Zakynthos islands sometime between 115 and 35 thousand years ago.
This application, part of a larger project called APREH(Aquarium for the Promotion of the Environment and History) was commissioned by the European Territorial Co-operation Program, Greece-Italy 2007-2013 (ETCP) and go-funded by the European Union and the National Funds of Greece and Italy.

Emeritus Professor. George Ferentinos
Dr. Maria Gkioni
Assistant Professor: Maria Geraga
Professor: George Papatheodorou

Ferentinos G. Gkioni M. Geraga M. and Papatheodorou, G.
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Mediterranean Sea, Journal of Archaeologicalogical Science

Ferentinos G. Gkioni M. Geraga M. and Papatheodorou, G.
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PHYSIS L’environnement Naturel et la relation
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Illustration sources
POLE INTERNATIONAL DE LA PREHISTOIRE Les Eyzies de Tayac Image credit Jose Luis Martinez-Alvarez
National History Museum, London
Mezhirichi site mammoth house
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Produced & Develop:
Directed by: Antonis Delaportas
Illustrated by: Panagiotis Rappas
Sound Design: Thomas Karamazakis
Co. Producers:Giorgos Ferentinos – Basilis Mentogiannis
Music arranged by: Antonis Delaportas
Post production: Genesis M. Productions

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