SABIS® My E-books – Application for SABIS® students containing a collection of SABIS® E-books.

SABIS® My E-books

Application for SABIS® students containing a collection of SABIS® E-books.

SABIS® My E-books screenshot 0SABIS® My E-books screenshot 1SABIS® My E-books screenshot 2SABIS® My E-books screenshot 3SABIS® My E-books screenshot 4SABIS® My E-books screenshot 5SABIS® My E-books screenshot 6

SABIS® My E-books is an interactive application that holds a collection of the SABIS® E-books for various subjects and languages. Written in English, French, Spanish, Kurdish, and Arabic, SABIS® books enable students to develop a solid academic foundation through efficient effort.

The SABIS® educational book series includes approximately 1,800+ books for classes in kindergarten through high school in all core subjects ranging from English and Spanish to Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art. All SABIS® books are designed to dovetail with the SABIS® curricula and follow the SABIS Point System® of teaching.

The SABIS® E-book was prudently designed with the aim to enhance academic standards, provide a true engaging educational experience, and raise the SABIS® student’s learning.
The application includes animations, videos, audio recordings, interactive questions, and much more.

The SABIS® My E-books is open to registered SABIS® students, who have access to the E-book service. Accessing this application is totally secured, as the student’s access is done by using their SABIS® WebSchool credentials.

Every SABIS® student has their own personalized bookshelf, where they can download the SABIS® E-books related to their courses at home or at the school.

Download apk file for android:


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