FISZKI Angielski Słownictwo 2 – Flashcards – English Vocabulary 2

FISZKI Angielski Słownictwo 2

Flashcards – English Vocabulary 2

FISZKI Angielski Słownictwo 2 screenshot 0FISZKI Angielski Słownictwo 2 screenshot 1FISZKI Angielski Słownictwo 2 screenshot 2FISZKI Angielski Słownictwo 2 screenshot 3FISZKI Angielski Słownictwo 2 screenshot 4FISZKI Angielski Słownictwo 2 screenshot 5

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Learn Flashcards – a professional publishing application Four Heads!

Flashcards – and do not run out of words!

Flashcards is an application for learning foreign languages, developed by an experienced editorial team, specializing in language publications.

Thanks to:
 * Go to diligently prepared material
 * Apply a proven, effective method of learning
 * Achieve lasting results in a short time

English Vocabulary 2 – contains more than 2,300 words and phrases at A2, structured in 50 thematic categories.

The application is addressed to people who can no longer understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday life. This title is the second part of a 6-level course “Vocabulary”.

Examples of words: a vote, a burglar, a motorway, a Spaniard, an oven, an adult, to manage, to pray, to pull, then announce, suddenly, plenty, crowded, to be in a bad mood, you just come in time.

Learn Flashcards

RELIABLE SYSTEM – learn to teach
MEMOBOX® algorithm, based on the research methodology of German Sebastian Leitner, makes memorize efficiently and with pleasure.

USEFUL WORDS AND REFUNDS – attitudes to communication
The material in applications fiche is chosen in such a way to quickly raise your ability to communicate in a foreign language.

Words were recorded by native speakers, allowing you to easily learn the correct pronunciation.

Trust the professionals …

Flashcards created with the utmost attention to issues of substance.
 * Clear examples allow you to explore the context for the expression characteristic – you are sure that you will be using words and phrases in the right way.
 * Exceptions and irregularities have been awarded the emphasis – remember them easily.
 * Colloquial expressions in italic – will not make blunders in the official situation.
 * Passwords are grouped into “families” – allow you to easily learn words derivatives (eg. This act – act, action – action).
 * The individual titles in a series of flashcards complement merits, so you can learn comprehensively.

Learn more fiszki_pl and

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