FISZKI Niemiecki Czasowniki A – Flashcards – German Verbs A

FISZKI Niemiecki Czasowniki A

Flashcards – German Verbs A

FISZKI Niemiecki Czasowniki A screenshot 0FISZKI Niemiecki Czasowniki A screenshot 1FISZKI Niemiecki Czasowniki A screenshot 2FISZKI Niemiecki Czasowniki A screenshot 3FISZKI Niemiecki Czasowniki A screenshot 4

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Flashcards is an application for learning foreign languages, created by an experienced editorial team, specializing in language publications.

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The “German Verbs A” – is designed for beginners and presents the basic irregular verbs, verbs and phrases reaction is. Material systematized in four thematic categories on 300 index cards

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Flashcards created with the utmost attention to substantive issues.
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 * Colloquial expressions written in italics – do not make a blunder in the official situation.
 * Keywords grouped into “families” – will allow you to easily learn words derivatives (eg. This act – act, action – action).
 * The individual titles in a series of index cards complement the merits, so you can learn comprehensively.

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