Nihonshi01 – This app is intended to learning of important matters of Japanese history.


This app is intended to learning of important matters of Japanese history.

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■This app is written in Japanese, and There is no translation to another language.

This app aims at understanding and memorizing basic terms of Japanese History.
There are four types of questions: flashcards, entering correct years, true-false questions, arranging chronologically.
Basically this app is constituted in chronological order, so you can catch the context of Japanese history.
After you have learned basic words and years, check the “at random” button to make them more fixed in your mind.

This app focuses on 392 important events in Japanese history.
In the first three sections (1-flashcards, 2-entering correct years, 3-true-false questions),These events are divided into five parts: Ancient times, Medieval times, Early modern times, Modern times, Contemporary, Throughout the history.
In the last section (4-arranging chronologically), you can select a grade from three grades (basic level (10questions)/ intermediate(15questions)/ advanced(20questions)).

Those who are preparing for the university entrance examination, or employment test, or some kinds of Certifying examinations will find this app very helpful.

See detail information:


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