GeoFlight Belgium: Geography – A geographical adventure that brings the world to you fingertips… Literally!

GeoFlight Belgium: Geography

A geographical adventure that brings the world to you fingertips… Literally!

GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 0GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 1GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 2GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 3GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 4GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 5GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 6GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 7GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 8GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 9GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 10GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 11GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 12GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 13GeoFlight Belgium: Geography screenshot 14

GeoFlight Belgium is the best app to learn the Belgium geography in a fun and educational way! No boring quizzes or flag puzzles, but high speed arcade action.

GeoFlight Belgium offers a challenging learning environment which is very entertaining for kids, and even a challenge for parents. The goal of the game is to fly a cute little airplane as quickly as possible to the right destination on the map. A player can choose between provinces, capitals,large cities or small towns in Belgium. Radar hints are available, but will cost valuable time.

The game offers three exciting gamemodes:

1) Practice
Practice all provinces, capitals, large and small cities in Belgium without any time pressure.

2) Timerace
Fly within the time limit to as many destinations as you can. Earn extra time with every correct answer or loose time by using a radar hint.

3) Multiple Choice Questions
Test your knowledge of Belgium with these multiple choice questions. Try to give as many correct answers as possible and end each level with 3 stars.

GeoFlight Belgium is a fun an educational game for all ages.

– 10 provinces
– 10 capitals
– 45 large cities
– 90 small towns 

– Practice mode, Timerace and Multiple Choice Questions
– Cute graphics
– Great music en soundeffects
– 3 levels (Easy, Normal and Hard)
– Improve your highscores
– English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch language support
– No advertisements or in-app purchases!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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