Mentes Notáveis – Adaptive Digital Learning System for Elementary Education.

Mentes Notáveis

Adaptive Digital Learning System for Elementary Education.

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Notable minds is an innovative complementary adaptive digital learning platform, which aims to enrich children’s learning, following educational guidelines that prioritize key aspects of the generation born in the XXI century.

Curious, inquisitive, well-informed, interactive. This is the picture of the children of the new generation. You can educate them as we did over 200 years? Well, if you have a child between 6 and 12 years, we know that the answer is a definite no!

Learn Portuguese, math, science, history, geography and enrich the whole process of literacy – including discussion of values ​​such as ethics, citizenship and environment – has now become fun and really works!

Every child is born ready to learn! With the right incentives, today will form the winners tomorrow!

Our aplicaivo is 100% Brazilian and follows the National Curriculum Parameters (PCN) MEC.



Social network

The priority of the Minds Notable portal with respect to our children goes by one name: SAFETY!
All our children have access to an absolutely controlled social network where they can share achievements, appointments to disputes in Multiplayer games, exchange predetermined messages and also enlarge your network of friends.

Video classes
He missed the lesson of that important matter? You need an overhaul? It was just a question and have no one to solve? Rest assured that Bia Professor and Professor Fronesis – with the whole class help – are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer all you need to know about various topics of Portuguese, Mathematics and Literacy.

With video classes Minds Notable, knowledge is at your disposal wherever you are, the time you need, as often as you want!

Pedagogical games:

Several neuroscience studies have proven the effectiveness of educational games in the teaching-learning process. Properly challenged, children respond positively to stimuli and tend to enjoy learning. That’s it! Games motivate, teach respect for rules and create a stimulating and challenging environment, with rewards by merit and commitment of each!

The Minds Notable portal has dozens of animations, games and more than 30,000 questions available. All done very carefully and with a focus on excellence to teach and entertain at the same time!

With new challenges emerging all the time, opportunities to earn rare items come up when you least expect it! Be beast in Portuguese, mathematics, logical reasoning, science, history, and fall, beat your friends in exciting battles, it has never been so rewarding!

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