Learn Spanish Vocabulary – The best for learning Spanish words.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary

The best for learning Spanish words.

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This app «Polyglot. Learn Spanish Vocabulary» is designed for learning Spanish words.

”How it works”
The app shows you a word and a sentence with this word in English. You have to answer how this word should be translated into Spanish.

The program encourages you, if your answer is correct. If your answer is wrong, you will see the correct answer and a word card.

In any case you will see the translation of the sentence into Spanish.

For correct answers you receive points. For wrong answers you lose them.

You can see a word card if you choose this option in menu.

First, the program chooses 15 words from current word list and starts showing them randomly.

When a word is sent to the list of “repeated words”, a new word from the list appears.

How the points are calculated
+2. Correct translation of the word, no mistakes were made with this word
+1. Correct translation of the word, previously the translation was wrong
0. The word card was shown
-2. Wrong answer
=4. Wrong translation of a “repeated” word
When you gain 5 points, the word is sent to the group of “repeated words”, it will be shown to you again in 1, 2 or 3 days.

The number of days, when a word will be shown to you again, is counted from thee day of your last answer.

If you give correct answers all the times the word is shown to you, this word will be sent to the group of “learned words” and it won’t be shown to you again.

If you have seen a word card of a “repeated word”, you make a step backwards.

For example, you have to translate a word in 3 days and you have seen the word card, you will see this word again the next day.

If the dots of statistics are green, it means that this word is in the group of “repeated words”.

If you have already learned all the words in a list, the program will show you the words from this list to fix your result

”Information on the screen”

The following information is shown on the screen:

• Your score. It is shown as 8 dots in the upper right corner. It means the number of points you have on the current word. One dot means one point. When you gain 5 points, the dots become green and the word is sent to the group of “repeated words”.
• Percent of the learned words in a list. If you tap on this number, you will see the detailed statistics on the list you are learning
• A word in the upper left corner it the one you have to translate into Spanish

”Dictionary and word lists”

Now there are about 650 most popular Spanish words and words from “Polyglot. Learn Spanish” app. 9 word lists are available:

• Basic. Basic word list
• My word list. Custom list of the words from the dictionary
• Verbs.
• Adjectives.
• City.
• Family.
• House.
• Time.
• All words. All words from the dictionary

Words in the lists are shown in the order of learning.

”My word list”

You can make your own word list, using the dictionary of the app. How to do it:

• choose a word list, e.g. «All words»
• choose «Words of the list» in menu
• Mark all necessary words
• Choose «Add to my list» in menu

To remove words from your list do the following:

• Choose «My word list»
• Choose «Words of the list» in menu
• Mark all necessary words
• Choose «Remove from my list»

See more information: https://goo.gl/wKFfLD

Hydroponics World – Hydroponics World is an application about hydroponics from basic to professional

Hydroponics World

Hydroponics World is an application about hydroponics from basic to professional

Hydroponics World screenshot 0Hydroponics World screenshot 1Hydroponics World screenshot 2Hydroponics World screenshot 3Hydroponics World screenshot 4Hydroponics World screenshot 5Hydroponics World screenshot 6Hydroponics World screenshot 7

Hydroponics World is an application that will let you know about
hydroponics from basic to professional.
it is consist of :
– Basic Hydroponics
– From Seed or Cutting
– Hydroponics Media
– Hydroponics System
– What to grow
– Hydroponics Nutriens
– Pest and Diseasea
– Hydroponics Grow light
– Green House

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/8q4jJf

Clarence Gurudwara – Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki FatehWelcome to Clarence Gurudwara APP.

Clarence Gurudwara

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki FatehWelcome to Clarence Gurudwara APP.

Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 0Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 1Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 2Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 3Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 4Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 5Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 6Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 7Clarence Gurudwara screenshot 8

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Welcome to Clarence Gurudwara Official APP. We have created this APP to provide up to date information about the gurudwara and all of its events. Please use this APP to check our future events, listen to Nitnem and Kirtan, get information about punjabi classes and much much more. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

The Sikhs believe that God is formless but realizable; He is fearless, without enemies, self-created, without birth or otherwise subjected to time, etc. The Sikh holy scripture explains the various facets of God in substantial detail. This principle of one God leads to the next primary concept for the Sikhs: the concept of equality of all the human races, sects, gender, social classes, etc.
The adherents of Sikhism believe that all peoples of the world are equal in the eyes of God; man is equal to woman; a rich person is equal to a poor man; and that regardless of race or religion, all of mankind enjoys the same rights in God’s domain.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/1rJpvO

MPSC Sarav – MPSC Examination, Practice, Old Papers and Information.

MPSC Sarav

MPSC Examination, Practice, Old Papers and Information.

MPSC Sarav screenshot 0MPSC Sarav screenshot 1MPSC Sarav screenshot 2MPSC Sarav screenshot 3MPSC Sarav screenshot 4MPSC Sarav screenshot 5MPSC Sarav screenshot 6MPSC Sarav screenshot 7

‘MPSC Sarav’ will be useful application for MPSC exam practice. It will keep updated time-table, news, articles and general knowledge info. Latest exam papers for all divisions can be available for reference & download.

We have identified possible useful informative MPSC internet links and kept in single place, for better use.
It will use latest information from useful MPSC related sites and Loksatta news paper.

This will be free and non profit application, useful only for MPSC exam practice and exam latest info in Marathi.

It will contain;
1. MPSC Examination Schedule and Time Table .
2. MPSC Practice Paper.
3. Last Year Papers.
4. MPSC Information.
5. News, Articles and many more.

We welcome your valuable feedback to improve this application.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/RmtjjI

CodeZera – App to keep track of all upcoming and live online coding contests.


App to keep track of all upcoming and live online coding contests.

CodeZera screenshot 0CodeZera screenshot 1CodeZera screenshot 2CodeZera screenshot 3CodeZera screenshot 4CodeZera screenshot 5CodeZera screenshot 6CodeZera screenshot 7

This app is for everyone who has passion for competitive programming across the globe. App lets you keep track of all upcoming, live and past contests on various websites which includes platforms like CodeChef, HackerRank, HackerEarth, Codeforces, TopCoder and others.

Users can choose to set up reminder for upcoming contests, and get notified before the contest starts. Contests can be added to their calendars directly from the app.

Students, programmers, professionals across the globe who love to take part in various online coding competitions can sharpen their skills.

● App shows all live, upcoming and past contests
● Contests can be categorized past, live and upcoming contests.
● Users can select his preferred websites to see contests from those websites only.
● Feature to add reminder notification 1 hour before start of a contest
● Contests can be added directly to the calendar
● Add home screen widget for tracking live contests

I respect intellectual property of others, and by publishing this app No copyright nor trademark infringement of any sort is intended. If you feel that this app infringes on any of your copyright or trademark, please drop me an mail at amrendra.nitb@gmail.com.

App tries to keep contests data accurate and fresh, but Online coding contests and their schedules are at the discretion of the contest organizers & platform on which they are conducted, and hence there is slight possibility of some unforeseen errors with schedule and timings, hence this app doesn’t claim responsibility for accuracy of contests schedules, please be advised to visit contests websites.

See more information: https://goo.gl/IpjF4k

Cnature – Discover the Wild – Cnature – Identify wild plants and animals in real-time

Cnature - Discover the Wild

Cnature – Identify wild plants and animals in real-time

Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 0Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 1Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 2Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 3Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 4Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 5Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 6Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 7

Cnature is a mobile application designed for the identification of wild plants and animals in real-time. By simply snapping a photo, our user receives a quick and reliable answer to their questions allowing the vast community of nature lovers to explore and learn about the unique wildlife around them.

Our solution draws on our world-class content, our vibrant community and our innovative technology. We are dedicated to connecting the community to nature and providing our users with a new way of experiencing nature.

****Cnature is available exclusively in Israel. Cnature is soon to be launched abroad****

Currently available on Cnature:
• Take a picture and define it with a few simple questions with our friendly wizard
• Automatic species screening based on location and time
• Comprehensive field guide for wild Plants
• Comprehensive field guide for wild animals (Birds, Reptiles, Butterflies, Mammals, Tracks and more)
• My Garden – a personal profile page where each user can save their own pictures and share them with the community
• Play – Share your knowledge and help other users identify plants and animals. Players are rewarded for their contributions

Coming soon:
• Social based identification, using crowdsourcing technology
• Advanced games and a ranking table
• Interactive map of observation

Note: Cnature is designed for the Identification of WILD plants and animals. Ornamentals plants and domesticated animals are NOT part of our database and cannot be Identified.

Questions or comments? We are constantly working on adding new and exciting features as well as improving the user experience. We look forward to receiving feedback from our community and appreciate all comments and suggestions. Please do not hesitate in contacting us at info@cnature.co.il

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/tASU81