Cnature – Discover the Wild – Cnature – Identify wild plants and animals in real-time

Cnature - Discover the Wild

Cnature – Identify wild plants and animals in real-time

Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 0Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 1Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 2Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 3Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 4Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 5Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 6Cnature - Discover the Wild screenshot 7

Cnature is a mobile application designed for the identification of wild plants and animals in real-time. By simply snapping a photo, our user receives a quick and reliable answer to their questions allowing the vast community of nature lovers to explore and learn about the unique wildlife around them.

Our solution draws on our world-class content, our vibrant community and our innovative technology. We are dedicated to connecting the community to nature and providing our users with a new way of experiencing nature.

****Cnature is available exclusively in Israel. Cnature is soon to be launched abroad****

Currently available on Cnature:
• Take a picture and define it with a few simple questions with our friendly wizard
• Automatic species screening based on location and time
• Comprehensive field guide for wild Plants
• Comprehensive field guide for wild animals (Birds, Reptiles, Butterflies, Mammals, Tracks and more)
• My Garden – a personal profile page where each user can save their own pictures and share them with the community
• Play – Share your knowledge and help other users identify plants and animals. Players are rewarded for their contributions

Coming soon:
• Social based identification, using crowdsourcing technology
• Advanced games and a ranking table
• Interactive map of observation

Note: Cnature is designed for the Identification of WILD plants and animals. Ornamentals plants and domesticated animals are NOT part of our database and cannot be Identified.

Questions or comments? We are constantly working on adding new and exciting features as well as improving the user experience. We look forward to receiving feedback from our community and appreciate all comments and suggestions. Please do not hesitate in contacting us at

Download apk file for your android phone:


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