изучению арабского языка – This is a program to learn Arabic for those who do not speak it

изучению арабского языка

This is a program to learn Arabic for those who do not speak it

изучению арабского языка screenshot 0изучению арабского языка screenshot 1изучению арабского языка screenshot 2изучению арабского языка screenshot 3изучению арабского языка screenshot 4изучению арабского языка screenshot 5изучению арабского языка screenshot 6

the purpose of which is the following:
Teaching Arabic language foreigners who have the desire to learn it in order to communicate with those who speak it as well as to help those who want to learn Arabic and gain knowledge of the Islamic Sharia, as well as for the use of this language in different cases daily life.

Drawing up of the program was in line with the scientific methods of teaching. This technique is as follows:
• -Training student spelling alphabet letters and then words and sentences, and after the completion of a number of progressive courses – teaching conversation.
• pupil -Preparation through exercises for each lesson in order to determine the degree of assimilation and understanding.
• -This program is accompanied by an explanation of each lesson in several languages. Such as English, French, Russian, and Turkish.
• -This version of the program is considered to be the first part of the course lessons.

This program contains no advertising.

To make any comments or suggestions, please send us an email at This e-mail address:

See more information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/education


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