Pepe Pizarra – Play with Pepe board!

Pepe Pizarra

Play with Pepe board!

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Lic. Laura Elena Munguia Santa Anna
Language Therapist
Play with Pepe Slate!

This bold bird, with only touching the peak, will give a series of 2 or 3 members, to see how agile you to write words in that order containing the spoken letters. You can not add a single vowel plus, you will add only consonants. For example:

If you dictates-and-a you can put palette, pot, fin, as they have the same order of elected members. If you do it right you will hear his voice which tells you how well you did, if you do it wrong, it will give opportunity to analyze and think of other words.

What you have to do is look around the screen by touching them letters just as you want in the order they appear. And, on the green chalkboard if you think that the word have an accent or capital, need to touch on the chosen letter, noting the change right away.

Around the letters you see, you will be in alphabetical order leaving only blocked the vocal and / and / to sound like (i) .These last appear in the bottom one after the other on a cornetitas with the same colors peak Pepe as they show us the place of the tongue to pronounce them.

Now, when you play, you can do just to see how good you are or play with someone else, that other will in turn have another phone or iPad and go alternating turns to play, starting the initial of his name appears first in the alphabet. Each turn will see how the cursor moves down to the next line, allowing play up to 5 words ending the game or restart in case of challenge or play again with your partner. Pepe is adding good points to see who is winning, keeping score on the clock. The vowels pronounced the’ll see that come and go in the order as they sound, this to include people who can not attend to sounds, besides being able to play in noisy environments and encourage small it takes to enter the world of letters.

On the board you will appreciate the icon to take you to leave space between each word, which you manage punctuation, you erase spelling for spelling or written in full, the cursor to the next line and arrows to the cursor will move when there is error in the case of writing a short text up to 5 lines or advance it to continue, as another option that gives you Pepe and you can also send your message to whoever you want, just take a picture of what you wrote .

Something also surprising is that being based on the tool set registered as a literary work ortografic-color, can be seen all groups of consonants that are relevant for their sound, the group of 8 letters that have no hearing relationship between them and thick and thin vowels. This will help you improve your spelling.

If you want to make it easier because your child is beginning the process of reading and writing, you have to tap the bottom of the board just 2 cornetitas to assemble simple words, but in this case, Pepe will not be qualified, as will this time, the parent. As to the age at which begin with the letters is not like having cell, parents may write something nice and cortito their children for being with him, read it and thereby improve their spelling or may write orders so to appreciate reading comprehension.

Example: You can write … (wash your hands) and wait for the child to do so, (hand me your red shirt), (boot the ball) etc. This will be handled as Pepe is describing how they progress in the letters.

Spread the word to know who to improve his writing and playing Pepe feel happy to participate in this.
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