Argus Clou Geschiedenis – With Argus Clou children learn history in an exciting way!

Argus Clou Geschiedenis

With Argus Clou children learn history in an exciting way!

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This app can only be used if you have purchased a license for this product Malmberg.

Argus Clou history is a teaching method for primary schools, publisher Malmberg. Argus Clou is the professor in everything. ” With challenges vivid stories and fascinating projects he biting children to look a little further and think differently about things. The children unravel mysteries, investigations look plates and discover secrets. The curriculum has been written by children’s authors. The method also reads like a fascinating book, but also gives you the security of optimum outcomes: results and challenge at the same time!

With this app you will receive, depending on the Malmberg license (s) you have purchased access to:

The processing of the curriculum in Argus Clou History Digital processing is done through software. It contains the commands in the textbooks and workbooks. Children process this on your PC, laptop or tablet and get instant feedback on answers.

The key software Argus Clou History is an alternative to the keys that are found in the manual. In the software, the keys are automatically checked and recorded the results.

Download apk file for android:


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