Pluspunt 3 – Arithmetic boring? Not with Advantage!

Pluspunt 3

Arithmetic boring? Not with Advantage!

Pluspunt 3 screenshot 0Pluspunt 3 screenshot 1Pluspunt 3 screenshot 2Pluspunt 3 screenshot 3Pluspunt 3 screenshot 4Pluspunt 3 screenshot 5Pluspunt 3 screenshot 6Pluspunt 3 screenshot 7

Arithmetic boring? Not with Advantage! Plus is one of the most widely used computational methods in primary education. The exercises are playful and varied, the design is nice and contemporary. That motivates children. At the same time Pluspunt a very clear method that teaches children to count through a careful, incremental construction of the curriculum with lots of practice and repetition. The method offers practical differentiation on 3 levels and reference levels 1F and 1S are fully processed.

This digital version of Advantage 3 contains the exercises from the text books, assignment books and workbooks. Children can digitally process the curriculum. The answers will be automatically checked. That saves time! In addition, the children receive feedback when it matters most: immediately after making the assignment. This gives you the benefits of working digitally with the security of a proven calculation.
Typically Advantage
– Carefully constructed learning
– One solution strategy for the weakest children
– Meets all key objectives
– Continual learning
– Reference levels are fully processed

This app can only be used if you have purchased a license for this product Malmberg.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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